We’ll supply everything you need to offer your customers a cleaner, shinier, dryer car. With over three decades of experience, our products have proven to be stronger and safer than other competitors at a lower cost per car. Choose from a wide range of solutions designed to optimize results and increase profitability. Our offerings include:

Low pH Acidic Presoaks + -

Our low pH presoak formulas effectively remove road grime and mineral buildup while delivering thick lathers and refreshing scents.

High pH Alkaline Presoak/Detergents + -

Developed with versatility and cleaning power in mind, our high pH presoaks and detergents are an excellent solution for removing oil, dirt, grease and more. Available in several scents and colors.

Moderate pH Detergents + -

We offer an incredible lineup of moderate pH detergents for high or low-pressure wash applications. All these products are uniquely scented to increase customer appeal.

Wheel and Tire Cleaners + -

Leave their tires like new with our complete line of wheel and tire cleaners. Our product offerings include hi-foaming surfactants and spray-on options to cater to a wide range of customers.

Bug Remover + -

Our fast-acting solvent eliminates insect remains and rinses off freely for easy removal. Safe for all finishes when used at proper dilution.

Foaming Conditioner + -

Our foaming conditioner is a unique blend of deep penetrating surfactants, boosters and brighteners that deliver a rich lather and pleasing cotton candy scent. Available in three colors.

Foaming Polish Protectant + -

Designed to preserve and enhance clear-coat finishes, our foaming polish protectant delivers a glossy appearance, vivid color and a rich scent. Available in several colors.

Sealer Waxes/Protectants + -

Our sealer waxes and protectants keep cars shining like brand new while leaving behind refreshing scents like grape, bubble gum and piña colada.

Premium Xtra Service Protectants + -

Offer your customers added shine and water repellency through our premium service protectants. Available in several scents and colors.

Drying Agents + -

Our quick-drying agents enhance shine and repel water. Our premium solution, X-Treme Dri, dries vehicles at the highest dilution rates and lowest cost per car.

Tire/Vinyl Dressings + -

Our long-lasting tire and vinyl dressings keep wheels vibrant and clean. Apply these products on rubber, vinyl or plastic for unbeatable protection and shine.

Specialty Items/Powders + -

From floor cleaners to deodorizers and under sealant sprays, we offer a wide range of specialty items and powders to keep your car in pristine condition.

Blast Self-Serve Line + -

BLAST is our complete line of products for self-serve car washes. Our offerings include presoak agents, detergents, foams and more. Available in several scents and colors.

Ultra Concentrates + -

We offer an ULTRA line of concentrated cleaning products that are designed to save time and money. Our concentrated offerings include shampoos, conditioners, enhancers and more. Available in several scents and colors.

Truck Wash & Heavy Equipment Cleaners + -

Our truck wash and heavy equipment product line delivers tough cleaning power that’s suitable for RV’s, mobile homes, tankers and other heavy-duty vehicles.

Floor, Wall and all Purpose Cleaners + -

Our versatile line of floor, wall and all-purpose cleaners are suitable for removing rust, water deposits and buildup on cars, walls and car washing equipment.

Automotive Detailing Products + -

Take your detailing to the next level with our wide range of products for carpet, upholstery and more.